Consulting Services

Our professionals are experts in providing personalized parking systems and innovative solutions to parking problems.  Our consulting services range from simply helping you select the correct parking system to completely designing the equipment.


Design Services


Engineering Services


Fabrication Services


Installation Services

In order to assure the best quality for our systems, we commit ourselves to supervising the production and installation of our systems.  Additionally, we guarantee that all of our systems will be working appropriately once they are ready to be handed over to the final client.


Warranty Service

Our systems come with a one year Limited-Warranty.  This warranty includes the cost of the parts and labor and begins on the first day of use by the client.


Maintenance Service

We provide maintenance service with immediate response for our systems. This service is established through a contract with the client, based on the specifications and requirements of each individual project.


AutoPark Logistics

Autopark will be of great help in solving all of your parking needs.  It will be our pleasure to help you select and acquire the appropriate equipment for each of your projects.


Just as you should consult with a qualified architect in order to design your buildings, so should you consult with an expert that will understand all the different types of parking systems in order to obtain the best equipment at the best price possible.

AutoPark Logistics     phone 704 201 7565     PO BOX 12720 Charlotte, NC 28220  USA